Synocate stands apart from the crowd on the strength of our team and our relentless pursuit of hard facts. The Synocate team has worked to build a network of experts to provide the specific solutions you need. Find out more about what makes Synocate right for you below.



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We off the flexibility to meet with your counselor anywhere in the world via video chat and our comprehensive online portal for both students and parents.

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The best counselor is someone who understands your goals and motivations. Beyond their knowledge and professionalism our counselors are carefully matched with each student based on specific criteria such as interests and personality.

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1-on-1 Advice

Our low student-to-counselor ratio provides you with the individualized guidance that is needed for college admissions, yet is hard to find with other counseling companies.



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Expert Counselors

It shouldn't be hard to find good advice, but sometimes it can be hard to separate the real experts from the fake. We've taken great pains to build the best-qualified team of counselors available so that you can be confident you're getting the right advice. We've done the research, crunched the numbers, and given our findings to the counselors so that you can get the information you need when you need it.

Online meetings allow us to recruit the most talented counselors. Unlike other companies our pool of counselors is not constrained by geography, which allows us to be more selective in our hiring. With billions of people in the world, why limit our options?

Our counseling team consists of former admissions officers, seasoned college counselors, and graduates of top universities like Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. They have expertise in fields such as engineering, computer science, medicine, business, humanities, and more. Every counselor undergoes a rigorous review process to make sure they meet our criteria for experience, interpersonal skills, and passion for education. Only ~10% of applicants are accepted.

After being accepted, new counselors are trained by senior management following a curriculum that introduces them to the Synocate program, teaches them to properly leverage Synocate's resources, and covers the most important insights from our team of former admissions officers. Senior management also hosts a biweekly meeting with counselors to cover timely topics in admissions and address common roadblocks that students may face.



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Concierge of Research Experts

  • In addition to your counselor, we offer access to the concierge level service of our research teams. Whether its a personalized list of nearby healthcare volunteer opportunities or calculating your chances of getting into a specific business school, you can easily receive expert knowledge and the latest trends in admissions data. Our counselors frequently coordinate with the research team, other counselors, and former admissions officers to ensure we find the right plan for your needs.
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Exclusive Benefits

  • Synocate Online Portal - Use the portal to schedule and join meetings with your counselor, view meeting summaries submitted by your counselor, track your results, and more. Our portal also houses our essay and research question database and access to Synocate's research team to answer questions. 

  • Monthly Office Hours with the Executive Team - Ask us anything and get instant feedback

  • Synocate Startup Internship Matching Program - Need something to do this summer? We can help boost your application by matching you with a startup internship. Students send us their resumes and we pass it along to startups that match their interests and goals. While most of these startups are locating in Silicon Valley, you don’t have to be, as most offer remote internships as well. 

  • Access to Specific Advisors - In addition to your main counselor, you will also have access to specific advisors experienced in distinct particular matters (e.x. science fairs, research opportunities, personal projects, athletic recruitment). We can connect you with an advisor with the right knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction.  


We believe the results speak for themselves. But don't take our work for it - Synocate helps hundreds of students navigate college admissions each year. See what our students have to sayattend an event, or schedule a free consultation to learn how Synocate can work for you.