Graduate School Admissions and Career Counseling

We help people of all ages and in a number of different fields identify their career goals and chart their path to success. Whether that's creating an outstanding application for graduate programs or landing your dream job, Synocate can help you discover your potential. 


Grad School Admissions

From identifying your strengths and the right programs for your personal and professional goals to helping you create an outstanding application, we guide you on every step of the process to ensure your best chance of admission to your dream school.  


Personal Discovery and Building Your Professional Image

We can help you identify your strengths, interests, and goals and discover opportunities for involvement that align with them. Together we can curate a professional image that reflects who you really are and also gives you the best chance of admission.  


Grad School Selection and Customized Application Strategy

With your interests and goals in mind, we can help you identify grad programs that are right for you and develop a list of schools to apply to. We can devise a custom application strategy including test prep, resumes, essays, and interviews.


Crafting Your Essay with Our Expert Editing Team

Our counselors can guide you on how to write convincing statement of purpose essays that clearly demonstrate your passion for the field and where it has led you (internships, research, personal projects, etc.) and our expert team of editors can provide in-depth feedback on your writing to ensure outstanding strategy and style.


  • Laying the groundwork early to land internships and other opportunities (e.g. an engineering internship at a top company such as BP, Exxon, Chevron)
  • How to get in the door with BP as a freshman/sophomore engineering student via their BP Discovery Days and/or BP Sophomore Experience
  • Strategically preparing for the GRE keeping your strengths and areas of improvement in mind
  • How to craft emails to potential graduate advisors that will catch their attention
  • Adding a personal touch to your graduate school applications by staying in touch with administrative assistants and potential advisors (and how to keep track and keep record of your different conversations)
  • How to cold-call potential graduate school advisors with grace and purpose (and get a call back!)
  • How to network without putting too much pressure on yourself or others

Get your dream job!

Synocate can help you land your dream job. We help people of all ages in a number of different fields. 

Additional Services include:

How to break into investment banking

How to break into management consulting

How to break into private equity / hedge funds / etc

How to get an offer from top tech firms (ex: Google, Facebook, Palantir, etc)

How to co-found your own startup