Unparalleled Counseling

Based on our Amazon best-seller The Applicant, the Synocate program takes a holistic approach to college admissions.

Between online meetings with our college counseling experts, professional edits from our editing team, and our research team prepared to answer all your questions, we ensure you have the resources you need throughout your college admissions journey.

Our counselors work with their students to help them find their passions, apply themselves to their interests, and then use that work to their advantage in the admissions process.

Our years of experience are supplemented by the latest data insights. These insights help us determine which schools might be a good fit for you or which are more likely to accept applicants like you.

Ready to learn more? Scroll down, check out our results and testimonials, or click below to schedule a free consultation. Packages start at $1500.


The Synocate Advantage

Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive college counseling and let our counselors walk you through each step of the admissions process. Our counselors will guide your child through interest discovery, class selection, summer plans, building a school list, drafting application essays, and more so that you can apply with confidence.

Meet your counselor anytime, anywhere with the convenience of online meetings. No need to worry about travel time, coordinating schedules, or forgetting your work at home. Simply book a meeting on your counselor's calendar and follow the link to join your meeting. In addition to being more convenient for students, online meetings allow counselors to have a wider range of calendar availability since they are not shackled to the Synocate office.

It shouldn't be hard to find good advice, but sometimes it can be hard to separate the real experts from the fake. We've taken great pains to build the best-qualified team of counselors available so that you can be confident you're getting the right advice. We've done the research, crunched the numbers, and given our findings to the counselors so that you can get the information you need when you need it.

Online meetings allow us to recruit the most talented counselors to work with your child. Unlike other companies our pool of counselors is not constrained by geography, which allows us to be more selective in our hiring. With billions of people in the world, why limit our options?

Essays are a vital part of the admissions process and the best way to set yourself apart from a crowded pool of applicants. Your counselor will work with you to brainstorm and outline essay responses. Once you have drafted your essay, your counselor will help edit and polish your essay until it is ready for submission.

Our essay editing platform allows students to submit essays to our editing team comprised of humanities graduates of Ivy League and other top colleges. Turnaround time for these edits is generally under 24 hours. Academic integrity is of the utmost importance to us at Synocate; our counseling and editing teams will provide feedback and suggestions, but students must draft their own essays.

Synocate's online portal is your one stop shop for college counseling. In addition to essay edits you can use the portal to schedule and join meetings with your counselor, view meeting summaries submitted by your counselor, track your admissions results, and more.

Our portal also houses data profiles for thousands of schools and access to Synocate's research team to answer admissions questions. There are a lot of moving pieces in a college application and having them at your fingertips for each meeting saves time and stress.

3x Improvement of Admissions Chances!

With results as good as ours, there's no reason not to be transparent. You can rest easy knowing that the Synocate team has a proven track record of standout admissions results year after year. We crunched the numbers and the average Synocate student tripled their odds of admission at competitive schools - that's the Synocate Advantage. Head over to our results page to learn more.


Trust the Process

Get a head start on admissions with Synocate. We work with high school students of all ages but prefer to begin during a student's freshman year of high school. Although we won't start working on applications until senior year, college admissions is a process and starting early lets us help students to become better-qualified applicants by senior year. We'll help identify the right classes, activities, and summer plans to maximize your chances when it comes time to apply. Besides giving you a leg up in the admissions process the right activities can be a great resource for interest discovery and personal development. Explore the categories below to learn how Synocate can help you:

Most schools provide basic academic resources, but some things require a more personal touch. Whether your child needs help building their 4 year academic plan, deciding which AP classes to take, or choosing between public and private school, you can rely on Synocate for guidance. When it's time for standardized tests, our counselors can help identify which tests to take as well as share test-taking strategies to boost scores. If a student needs additional support, we can connect them to top tutors to help improve their scores.

Summer brings many exciting opportunities for high school students - don't let your child be left behind while others take advantage. Synocate will help your student identify which summer activities can actually help their admissions chances. Among other things, our students have attended premier summer camps such as COSMOS and MIT Launch, interned with Silicon Valley startups, and conducted medical research. Don't wait until senior year to prepare for college. Start with Synocate today.

Most people know to have a well-rounded list of extracurricular activities when applying to college, but what does that mean? Our counselors help take the guesswork out of your student's extracurricular schedule. Whether they haven't found what excites them yet, have too much to balance and need help prioritizing, or need to identify ways to get the most out of a particular activity, your Synocate counselor can guide you to the right decision.