Comprehensive College Counseling

Synocate ensures every student develops both personally and professionally throughout high school and sets them up for success in college admissions.


High school is the perfect time to begin your journey of interest discovery and skill building. Utilizing this time to explore your strengths and find what makes you passionate will help you focus on gaining the skills and experience in the right direction. Our counselors help with course selection, improving GPA, finding leadership opportunities, creating an extracurricular roadmap, building a portfolio, research projects, finding volunteer and leadership opportunities, testing strategy, and more. We help you make the most of high school and get a head start on college admissions. Explore the categories below to learn how Synocate can help you:


Academic Strategy

Your counselor will be your academic advisor, helping with course selection, standardized testing strategy,  and improving GPA. If you need additional support, we can connect you to top tutors to help improve your scores.                                             


Summer Plans

We help students utilize their summers to their advantage, whether that be attending premier summer camps such as COSMOS and MIT Launch, interning with Silicon Valley startups, or conducting medical research (all examples of what we've helped our students achieve in the past). 


Extracurricular Guidance

Our counselors take the guesswork out of extracurriculars. Whether you're not sure which activities to join, need help prioritizing, or want to identify ways to get the most out of a particular activity, your Synocate counselor can guide you to the right decision.


Science Fairs and Other Competitions

Competitions and Fairs offer a unique opportunity not only for recognition, but for personal and professional development. We help students find the right competitions for their interests and help them be successful. Check out our blog for our favorite competition opportunities and other insights.     


Interest Development and Passion Discovery

In addition to positioning your academics and extracurriculars for a competitive edge, we prioritize the need to discover what interests you. We offer guidance on identifying your interests and help you find opportunities to develop them. 


Stress Management

High School is stressful, but learning to manage it not only helps students navigate high school easier, but serves them later on in college and the workforce. Synocate counselors offer the right tools for students to to manage their stress and find positive support systems.

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Based on our Amazon best-seller The Applicant, Synocate takes a holistic approach combining years of industry experience with the latest insights in college admissions data to give you the best chance at admission.


Although we won't start working on applications until senior year, college admissions is a process and starting early lets us help students to become better-qualified applicants by senior year. We'll help identify the best fit colleges, show you how write stellar application essays, curate a resume, and more. Our students are successful, having a 3x higher admissions rate.


Writing Strong Application Essays

We show our students how to write a personality-infused personal statement essays and our team of editors provide instant feedback to make it the best it can be. We drastically improve each student's writing skills by helping to find a personal voice and employ powerful syntax. We also help with pacing so you can write several school/program specific essays successfully and on time.                                                                                                                                                                            


Letters of Recommendation

Our counselors can help you develop a genuine rapport with professors/employers/community leaders in high school, curate a portfolio of recommendation letters that each highlight a different quality and help to paint a holistic picture of you as a candidate, and avoid obtaining unspecific or repetitive letters. 



Customized College List

Our counselors help students identify which schools are right for them, whether it be based on their learning style, major, location, financial aid, or size. We calculate our students chances of admission to help curate a list with a variety of safety, target, and reach schools. We are familiar with hundreds of universities and visit schools frequently to continue to have the latest knowledge. Our portal also houses data profiles for thousands of schools and access to Synocate's research team to answer admissions questions.


Prep for College Interviews

Some schools conduct interviews as an additional step in their admissions process. Our counselors prepare you by helping you find the best way to showcase your personality and strengths, integrating interview preparation into your daily life, and teaching you how to keep your cool and be yourself during the actual interview. 


Creating a Plan for Deadlines

One of the most challenging aspects of applying to colleges is keeping track of the deadlines and deciding how you are going to apply. We streamline this process in our students' online portal planner to make sure no deadline is missed and tasks are broken up into achievable bits. We also help you decide whether to apply through EA, ED or regular admissions. Synocate's online portal is your one stop shop for all things college counseling.                                                                                                                                                              


Resume & more

We'll help you curate a resume that represents who you are (and also gives you the best chance of admission), stand out when applying for merit scholarships, apply to a competitive program at an Ivy League school for the best chance of acceptance, come up with an ACT/SAT test strategy, and figure out what to do when you get deferred or waitlisted. We're here with you every step of the journey.

Have a specific goal? We can help! Here are some examples of the kinds of goals we help students achieve:

  • how to win the Intel Science Fair

  • how to get recruited as an athlete at a D1 school

  • how to get accepted to a top 30 college

  • how to win ___ competition (essay contest, hackathon, etc)

  • how to get accepted to Julliard

  • how to get accepted to a BS/MD program

  • how to get a research position at a lab during high school

  • how to become a top ___ in the country (ex: chess player, speech & debate, etc)

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