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Synocate is another entry in the long lineage of innovative companies born out of a Stanford dorm room. After navigating through the complicated landscape of admissions as a high school senior, founder Ishan Puri recognized the need for personalized help in college admissions. The catalyst came when Ishan’s brother Anish was applying to college. The emails and letters Ishan sent Anish formed the backbone of his Amazon best-seller The Applicant and were later adapted and expanded for the Synocate program.

Synocate has adopted a holistic approach to college counseling, combining years of industry experience with the latest data insights to help students at every stage in their journey. From underclassmen still discovering their passions to seniors selecting which college they want to attend, the Synocate team is here to ensure every student has someone to share the ups and downs of the college admissions process. 


Our Mission

"Empower people to discover themselves throughout their lives"

Our goal is to guide the student in all of us to find their true self. We believe that there are several critical junctures in life - choosing a high school, choosing a college, deciding your major, finding your job, and developing your career. Education is a powerful force that can inform how we approach these life-changing decisions and can alter the way we perceive and interact with the world.

Today we focus on helping students find and gain admittance to the best college for their long-term growth. Our vision is to use the data we are collecting on each of these interactions along with publicly available data to grasp how people learn and make decisions. We are building a series of tools to augment the learning process with the goal of helping every human better understand themselves and where they fit in the world.


Our Team

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We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about education to join our team.  Have you won any science fairs? Or have you been accepted to BMSD programs, top law schools, medical schools, business schools, PHD programs? We are always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about education to join our team. 


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