Let's Conquer Admissions Together


As a leader in college admissions counseling, Synocate can help take the guesswork out of your college applications. We work with students throughout their high school careers to help them maximize their chances of admission. On average, students who work with Synocate are three times as likely to be admitted at competitive schools.




Get the individualized advice you need from leading experts. Our counselors will be by your side for each step of your admissions journey, from choosing extracurricular activities to building your college list (safety, target, reach) to writing college admission essays.



The Synocate team keeps up with all the latest trends in the constantly changing college admissions landscape. Our workshops and webinars seek to teach you tips and tricks to present the best version of yourself in applications. Most events are free, open to the public, and hosted by the Synocate leadership team. Come meet the team!



The Synocate team has years of experience helping students apply to some of the most selective schools in the country, tripling their chances of admission year after year. Put the Synocate advantage to work for you.

Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow


At Synocate we are fortunate to work with some of the brightest young minds. Education is a powerful force that can prepare our youth for success and alter their perceptions of the world. We enhance the effectiveness of this process by helping students discover their passions and identify the best college and career path for them.

See what the next generation of leaders has to say about Synocate:

Synocate has been awesome to work with and has motivated my son to work harder and be more productive.
— SL (son attended Chapman University)
Synocate helps you discover who you truly are, and makes sure you find a passion that interests you.
— AD (UMass Amherst)
I couldn’t be more grateful of the work Synocate has done and the encouragement they have given me.
— JR (Caltech)

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