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Our team has guided 5th-12th grade students, helping them find activities they love, managing their time and SAT timeline, going through course selection, and helping with applications. We have helped high achievers, special needs, low income, and a variety of other types of students in the past.


Student Testimonials

I was a nervous wreck in high school and felt lost during the college application process. I reached out to Synocate and I am so happy I did. Ishan was one of my counselors - he was super helpful and awesome for 3 years, helping me craft my story and counseling me on everything college-related. Without him, I do not think I would have gotten the SAT scores, written the essays, or gotten accepted by the colleges that I did.

M.R. Harvard

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Counselors at my high school don't give enough one-on-one attention. I got to know Synocate from reading Ishan's book at a library. With almost a year's service now, I feel that the counsellors, Ishan more specifically,  is really guiding me through step by step. He encourages me a lot and is very professional.

N.P. Caltech

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Synocate was really instrumental in improving my writing and making it more personal. Personal writing is something that we, as students, do not get a lot of practice in at school. Without Synocate, I would not have received as many acceptance letters as I am now, I am sure of it!

E.D. UC Berkeley

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Before signing up with Synocate, I didn't have much of a direction as to what I should be doing to strengthen my application. After having a few meetings, they gave me a clear path to follow. Synocate helped me solidify my academic and extracurricular activities to generate a cohesive theme that helped the colleges really see what I was interested in and why I was a good candidate for admission. Synocate guided me through the essay process to ensure that the essays I wrote conveyed this idea perfectly. Thanks to Synocate, I ended up getting admitted to my first-choice school.

A.T. Cornell

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I have been with Synocate for over 6 months now to help guide my son and me through the complex college application process. Synocate has been awesome to work with and have inspired my son to really work hard during his senior year of high school and to help discover his true passion  for college.


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I have been using the services of Synocate for over 6 months now to help my son prepare for college and to help guide us throught the complex college application process. 

Synocate has been awesome to work with and have inspired my son to really work hard during his senior year of high school and to help discover his true passion and interests for college. I highly recommend Synocate!

S.D. Chapman

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I started using Synocate my freshman year, and Synocate gave me very helpful guidelines, advice, and preparation that will help me during my college admissions process. As a junior now, I couldn't be more grateful of the work Synocate has done and the encouragement they have given me

H.M. Stanford

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I recommended my cousin to register for Synocate to get college advice and counseling for US colleges as an international student. They were very professional and helpful! My cousin was pleased with the service and his college acceptances.

S.A. UC Berkeley

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