We are a team of former admissions officers, experienced college counselors, tutors, data scientists, and software engineers. Our team has been accepted to all Top 50 colleges and collectively has earned dozens of degrees across various disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate level from top universities. Our team has expertise across STEM, computer science, medicine, debate, mock trial, business, art, humanities, dance, marketing, and more. We have helped thousands of students get accepted to their dream colleges, including Stanford, Ivy League schools, UCs, MIT, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, UChicago, and many more. 


College Counselors

We have dozens of college counselors from Ivy League schools, Stanford, UCs, and many more

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Pejman Nozad Mar Hershenson


Founding Managing Partner at Pear 
Named by Forbes as "one of the most successful angel investors"
Investor of Doordash and Branch


Founding Managing Partner at Pear
Investor of Doordash and Branch


Arjun Goyal


 Tirto Adji


Investor at 5AM Ventures
Co- founder of Foresight Pharmaceuticals
Harvard Business School


Investor at Palapa Ventures
Silicon Valley veteran with 15+ years in highly technical roles at Yahoo


Ash Rust


Fern Mandelbaum


EIR at Trinity Ventures
Co-founder & CEO of SendHub



Stanford Graduate School of Business Faculty
Managing Partner, Vista Venture Partners
Partner, Monitor Ventures
Co-founder & CEO of Skyline Products