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  • Synthesize - Novel ideas come from bringing together different perspectives
  • Innovate - Embrace change and think exponentially 
  • Educate - Education is one of the most powerful universal forces

Synocate was born from a Stanford dorm room to help students get accepted to their dream colleges


Ishan Puri founded Synocate in 2009 to help students achieve their college goals. Ishan's parents went to college abroad, and they didn't understand the complexities and competitiveness of the American college system. So Ishan figured out how to apply to elite colleges, including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and teamed up with a team of Stanford and UC Berkeley graduates to help others navigate the system and get accepted to their dream college. 

We use a holistic approach to college counseling where we improve every aspect of an applicant's application: from creating a college list, to improving a student's extracurricular activities, to recommending tutoring to improve GPA and standardized test scores, to essay edits from experts. 

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Brief Timeline

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2009 2010 Present
Ishan was reflecting on his acceptances and his college counselor experience

Emails to his younger brother and friends turned into The Applicant, an Amazon best seller


Using technology and data, Synocate has become a premier platform for students to find themselves & their passion 

Our Mission

Empower people to discover themselves throughout their life.


"The purpose of life is to find your gift.

The meaning of life is to give it away."

- Pablo Picasso

Our goal is to guide the student in all of us to find their true self.  We believe that there are several critical junctures in life - choosing a high school, choosing a college, deciding your major, finding your job, and developing your career.  Education is a powerful force that can inform how we approach these life-changing decisions and can alter the way we perceive and interact in the world.

Today, we are connecting people who have had experiences with those that want those experiences. Our long term vision is to use the data we are collecting on each of these interactions and publically available data to understand how people make decisions. We are building a series of tools to understand the learning process with the goal of helping every human better understand themselves and where they fit in the world.


Synocate has signed the 1% pledge along with Salesforce, Atlassian, and several other companies to dedicate 1% of the company time to pro bono work.