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"Stepping back in America for high school after spending over three years in India was not an easy experience for me. I had no clue as to what to expect from the educational system and the college admissions process. In fact, I was intimidated by the fact that my peers were already presidents of over 3 clubs, engaged in community service and varsity sports players while I was still navigating the waters of my new high school..."

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 Cumulative College Results 

  Synocate Acceptance Average Synocate Advantage
Princeton  20% 5%   4.0x
Stanford 25% 5% 5.0x
Cornell 50%  12%  4.2x 
Columbia 25% 7% 3.6x
Dartmouth  40%  9% 4.4x 
Duke 33%   11% 3.0x 
New York University  100%  28%  3.6x
Rice  75% 15%   5.0x
UNC Chapel Hill  100% 16%   6.3x
UT - Austin  100%  45%  2.2x
UC Berkeley 60%  22%  2.7x
UCLA  78%  22%  3.5x
Purdue  100%  49%  2.0x
Georgia Tech 75% 28% 2.7x
USC 67% 20% 3.3x
Pomona 50% 10% 5.1x
Michigan 50% 37% 1.4x
UIUC 100% 62% 1.6x
Rutgers 100% 61% 1.6x
University of Maryland 100% 48% 2.1x
University of Pittsburgh 100% 56% 1.8x
UCSB 75% 46% 1.6x
University of Oregon 100% 35% 2.9x
Oregon State 100% 5% 21.3x
University of the Pacific 100% 65% 1.5x
University San Francisco 100% 46% 2.2x
UC Riverside 100% 56% 1.8x
UCSD 100% 34% 2.9x
UC Merced 100% 65% 1.5x
UCSC 100% 51% 1.9x
Cal Poly Pomona 100% 39% 2.5x
Carnegie Mellon 50% 27% 1.9x
Chapman University 100% 45% 2.2x
Santa Clara University 100% 49% 2.0x
Synocate Advantage 64% 21% 3.0x


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Our Student's Summer Program Acceptances

  • MIT Launch
  • Simons Summer Research Program
  • SIMR
  • Engineering Summer Academy at UPenn
  • UPenn Engineering for computer science
  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Duke Summer Program
  • John Hopkins Engineering Innovation Program
  • SUCCESS at UC Berkeley
  • Aerospace Engineering at RPI
  • UCLA Tech Camp
  • Penn MTSI
  • Carnegie Mellon SAMS
    • University of Rochester Mini Med School
    • Stanford Clinical Internship
    • UCSC SIP Internship
    • Boston RISE
    • Stanford Canary Internship
    • Arthritis Foundation
    • Roswell Summer Institute
    • Stanford Genecamp
    • NIH
    • Wharton Sports Business Academy
    • Canada College's Summer Engineering Institute (SEI)
    • Stanford Cardiovascular Surgery Internship
    • Rosetta Institute


Case Studies

JR, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

We helped JR from 10th grade until he was accepted to college in 12th grade
JR came to us with an interest in science, but no activities to show for that. We worked on his weakness in English, planned SAT and SAT II tests, helped him secure an internship at UCLA with a professor, and worked with him on all of his college applications. He was accepted to several Ivy League schools and is attending Caltech, where he is majoring in the subject we helped him find in 10th grade.

What we did:

  • SAT I and SAT II timeline
  • Gain an internship at UCLA doing research
  • Prepare and win 1st place at the California State Science Fair
  • Choose the college list
  • Edit college application essays, letters of recommendation requests, and supplemental materials
  • Chose Caltech as his college to attend and negotiate financial aid


RT, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

We helped RT in 12th grade through the writing process
RT came to us with an interest in business and a 1700 in the SAT. He was a rising senior and was unsure where he should be applying. We helped him form a school list, build a story, and edit his college admissions essays. The story around international business we helped him discover is what he is studying at UCLA and what he hopes to pursue as a career.

What we did:

  • College list
  • Financial aid guidance
  • College application essay editing, structuring, and outlining
  • Positioning a low SAT and high GPA
  • Finding an interest in international business 


AD, University of Massachussetts, Amherst (UMass)

We helped AD in 11th and 12th grade developing her story and college applications
AD came to us with an interest in liberal arts and business. She was a junior who needed advice on academics and the college admissions process. We helped her discover her passion for socially-responsible business and grow her school club into a meaningful organization that she based her Common Application essay on. We then guided her through the entire college admissions process and kept track of deadlines for her.

What we did:

  • College list
  • Extracurricular activity development
  • College application essay editing, structuring, and outlining
  • Finding a specific story within a general interest and regulating her activities
  • Keeping track of deadlines, planning early action/early decision, and navigating the waitlist process


 FM, Johns Hopkins University

We helped FM in 12th grade with undergraduate applications and throughout college until he was accepted as a transfer student

FM approached us as a 12th grader. He was looking for help in developing his college list, writing his applications, and framing his athletic ability. He was a soccer player and also had an interest in international business - as he was from Asia. We helped him through two rounds of applications as a undergraduate and a transfer. He had a 1600 SAT (out of 2400) and a 2.9 unweighted GPA - so we had to focus on his story.

Over three years, we helped him build his activities and story, and he was accepted Johns Hopkins as a transfer in 2015.

What we did:

  • Reaching out to coaches
  • College list
  • Course selection in college and framing for the transfer application
  • Applying as a transfer student to college

LM, Columbia University

We helped LM in 10th-12th grade through the story building and writing process
LM came to us with an interest in entrepreneurship, computer science, and the environment. He was a sophomore at a local high school but had recently moved from another country and his parents were looking for guidance. He was motivated and his parents sought our support early on. We helped him discover his passion and ultimately gain acceptance to his dream schools.

What we did:

  • Matching LM to over 25 colleges and eventually to Columbia
  • Financial aid guidance
  • College application essay editing, structuring, and outlining for 6 schools
  • Positioning for the Top 10 schools specifically
  • Finding a specific interest in entrepreneurship and energy



"I have been using the services of Synocate for over 6 months now to help my son prepare for college and to help guide us throught the complex college application process. 

Synocate and Ishan specifically, have been awesome to work with and have inspired my son to really work hard during his senior year of high school and to help discover his true passion and interests for college. I highly recommend Synocate!"


"I started using Synocate when I was in high school and overwhelmed by how to successfully stand out in the college admissions process. The counselors are very professional and helped me understand what college admissions actually looked for in college applications and what made certain students stand out and increase chances of getting accepted. My counselors helped me develop my theme/passions to convey to colleges. Thanks to Synocate, I ended up getting accepted to one of my top college choices!"

- JT, UC Berkeley

"I was a nervous wreck in high school and felt lost during the college application process. I reached out to Synocate and I am so happy I did. My counselor was super helpful for 3 years, helping me craft my story and counseling me on everything college-related. Without him, I do not think I would have gotten the SAT scores, written the essays, or gotten accepted by the colleges that I did."

- MR, Harvard



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A Sample of Student Extracurriculars

  • Intel STS semifinalist and finalist
  • Siemens Science Fair finalist
  • Patent for economics
  • USAMO national qualifier
  • Research internships at top universities 
  • Recognition from mayors on school clubs
  • National dance and musical performances
  • Ayn Rand essay competition winner
  • World record holder for dance 
  • Film submissions to international festivals
  • Olympics volunteer positions
  • Davidson Fellow
  • US Biology Olympiad Finalist
  • Published author
  • Dupont essay contest winner
  • Early college admittance 
  • Genius IQ certificates