Frequently Asked Questions

What is Synocate?
What services does your college counseling program cover?
How do I get started?

Step 1. Click here to design your package

Step 2. Email with your package selection (years, apps, and ACH/CC)

Step 3: Fill out this form to get matched to a counselor

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Step 4. Register here - start within 24 hours







What makes you unique and why are you better than competitors?
  1. Data and Experience
    1. Scrapped CDS reports from Top 50 colleges with data trends over the past 5 years
    2. Over 150 years of collective experience in college admissions
    3. Team of former admissions officers
    4. Student portal with access to a large database of accepted summer and college essays and research requests
  2. Thought leadership
    1. Top Quora in Ivy League admissions - over 40k views a month
    2. Top Huffington Post writer, The Applicant book
    3. NYT data leak on how admissions officers grade students
  3. Results - 3x average acceptance rate across top schools 

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How do I speak to somebody to learn about the overall Synocate program?

You can schedule a free initial consultation, which provides an overview of Synocate packages and how we can specifically help your child. You can choose to meet online via Google Hangouts or in person (if you are located in the Bay Area).

Schedule Free Consult

How does the program work?
  • Matched with a counselor based on your attributes, interests, and personality
  • Receive essay edits on summer program applications and college admissions essays
  • Work with college counselor on a frequent basis
  • Receive tutoring from our partner  Zenith at
  • Our team of former admissions officers gives us insights and helps train our counselors
Do you help with scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, we offer advice and guidance on scholarships, particularly on the essays for these scholarships. We do not include financial aid help (FASFA/CSS) in the college application and underclassmen college counseling program. We do have financial aid experts on staff to help you for an additional fee.


College Counselors
How are your counselors trained?
We accept only ~10% of applicants to become college counselors. We receive applications from experienced college counseors from Ivy League Schools, Stanford, and more top colleges. 
  • After vetting them for experience, personality, and a passion for education, we train these counselors through a rigorous process
  • Required to go through training that includes insights from our team of former admissions officers
  • Attend a weekly meeting swith our founding team and senior admissions officers to review individual student cases.
  • Monitored weekly by Case Managers and our Data Team who check in on quantitative changes in NPS
Can I speak to a specific college counselor before committing to Synocate?
Yes! You can schedule a "Meet Your Counselor" with a specific counselor. This is different from the free initial consultation. "Meet Your Counselor" can only be done online via video chat. This is an optional meeting and not necessary before registering for Synocate. 
Meet Your Counselor




How frequently will the student meet with the counselor? 
Grade Student Meeting Parent Meeting
9 1x/month 1x/quarter
10-11 2x/month 1x/quarter
12/Transfer/Grad 1x/week 1x/2 months

We track all meetings in a progress tracker that sends parents updates:

1) what was accomplished in today's class, 2) what will be accomplished next week, 3) are we on track or do we need to meet more?

Are counselors available between meetings?

Yes. Counselors are available for quick emails and notes in between meetings. If you have more in-depth questions, send them to who can help you find summer programs, research colleges, and research scholarships.





How many students does each Synocate counselor have?
Our counselors average 5 students at a time to ensure enough time and attention is dedicated to student needs. We monitor counselor load and only suggest counselors that we know will be able to work in tandem with the belief that quality of engagement is most important.
What if I want to switch counselors after starting?
This happens rarely, but we are happy to accommodate any of your concerns. Please email with the reason for your requested change and preferences for your new counselor. We will have a case manager help your child transition to the new counselor.
How quickly can the student expect an answer to emailed questions?
We expect our counselors to respond within 24 hours with the exception of particularly detailed questions or research-intensive requests.
Will the student be working with one person or a team of people?
The Synocate platform includes counselors, researchers, and editors. Each student is assigned to one counselor who helps them through the process, and has access to our team of researchers and editors who can help them with summer program and college essays and research requests. 

Meeting Logistics
Can we meet in-person?
  • All counseling is done via video chat to make life easier for you - students prefer to meet after school or on the weekends
  • If you would like an initial face-to-face in-person meeting, we can accommodate that and then all subsequent meetings are online
  • If you would like continued face-to-face meetings, the package rate increases by 100% of the original amount due to travel time and increased monitoring. If this is the case, please request a local counselor.
  • In our experience helping hundreds of students, we have not found that in-person meetings yield higher customer satisfaction than video meetings (based on NPS after meeting ratings by students and parents). 
Do you help with the entire essay writing process? 

Yes, we help with outlining, brainstorming, and crafting a story. Synocate Admissions Experts meet one on one with students to help them select the right prompts, outline and draft their essays, and polishing them for submission. We help with both summer program and college application essays. We can also help with other types of essays (school essays, research papers, etc) on a case-by-case basis.  We do most editing over GoogleDocs and our own proprietary software.



Payment & Discounts
What discounts and payment plans do offer?
  • 5% discount for bundling apps with underclassmen counseling
  • 2.9% ACH discount for using bank instead of credit card
  • 3 month payment plans for packages over $5,000 and 6 month for over $8,000
Can I refer my friends to join for a discount?
  • Our loyal students and parents are the reason we are around
  • If you refer a friend who signs up with us, we will add one additional application to your package, regardless of what year you are in
  • Please tell your friend to mention your name when you sign up
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How does the refund policy work?
  • If a Client cancels within 14 days of joining, we can offer them  up to a 70% refund
  • Our business is based on reputation and word of mouth, and our online and referral network proves this. We make sure that each student and parent that works with us is completely satisfied with our service. (see our Yelp).