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Let's Conquer Admissions

Since 2009, we've been helping 7th-12th grade students through the college admissions process. We are an education technology company born from a Stanford dorm room.

We've helped over 1,000 students find summer programs, choose and apply to college, land internships, and stay on track. Based on our Amazon best-seller, The Applicant.


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Inspiring leaders of tomorrow

We offer a suite of tools, events, and one-on-one programs to help parents and students through the college admissions process. On average, we are tripling a student's chance of getting accepted to college. Our team consists of former admissions officers, Ivy League PhDs, and seasoned admissions counselors.

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Find your passion and get accepted

Synocate is a leader in college counseling and college admissions

Our team of over 20 college counselors are former admissions officers, seasoned professionals in college admissions, and PhDs from top schools like Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and more. We will give you expert advice every single step of the way from middle school through the transfer process. 

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Why we're here:

  • Mentor students one-on-one through the admissions process
  • Help students find their passions and achieve educational goals 
  • Become a leader of tomorrow
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Online webinars
We want to close the gap between content you read online and our expert team. Join us for engaging insights on various topics.

Our team wants to meet with you! Check out our calendar to find out which workshops will benefit you. Free consultations to follow.

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Online office hours
Our expert counselors have your best interest in mind. Office hours provide you with one-on-one instant counseling.
"I was a nervous wreck in high school and felt lost during the college application process. I reached out to Synocate and I am so happy I did. Ishan was one of my counselors - he was super helpful and awesome for 3 years, helping me craft my story and counseling me on everything college-related. Without him, I do not think I would have gotten the SAT scores, written the essays, or gotten accepted by the colleges that I did."
M.R., Harvard
"I have been with Synocate for over 6 months now to help guide my son and me through the complex college application process. Synocate has been awesome to work with and have inspired my son to really work hard during his senior year of high school and to help discover his true passion  for college."
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